Everyday Math Algorithm Videos

A fantastic resource was brought up in the forums. has some great Powerpoint files illustrating some of the Everyday Math Algorithms.  Well, I was just preparing for our recent Family Math Night,  and I used a similar resource.  Our district uses  I’m not sure if it is an extra cost, or if it is included when you purchase the program.  Either way, at the top of the page there is a section titled “Free Resources.”  There, you will find video demonstrations of all of the Everyday Math algorithms.  I actually like these better because they are more animated.  The voices are a little strange, but the videos are very clear.  They are .swf files, so you could use a video capture plugin to download them and plunk them into a Notebook page very easily.  I use Sothink SWF catcher for Firefox.  Here’s an example of the videos.  Lattice Multiplication is coming up… so here you go!

MOVIE REMOVED  (Sorry, I couldn’t stand the fact it started every time I entered the page!!!!! It was driving me crazy!   Visit the link above to see the video.)

If your district doesn’t subscribe to, I would really recommend it.  The site has online versions of most of the games, like, but it also has the Student Reference Book online.  It’s completely interactive.  It reads EVERY WORD to the students, and has many video tutorials illustrating the concepts found in the SRB.  There is also a gradebook to use.  I have mixed feelings on the gradebook.  It’s a useful tool, but it doesn’t mesh with our main gradebook program- Progress Book.  Check out the videos, you’ll like them.