Multiply by 9 “Finger Trick” file.

I finally got motivated and uploaded two units of files.  Unit 7 and Unit 8 are now available in the forum.  In lesson 7-2 they bring up the “Finger Trick” to multiply by nine.  It took some work, and it’s far from perfect, but I think I have another creepy (and fun) file.  I took a picture of my hand and edited the image so you can count over my fingers and actually yank them off!  Then you add up the fingers to the left for the tens column and add up the fingers to the right to get the ones column.  Weird and somewhat disturbing–two things that suck my kids in every time!  I have a little video demonstration below.

On a side note….  Lori brought up an interesting tip in the forum to snip off the finger of an old pair of gloves to help move things on the SmartBoard screen.  You all know, there are a few students that just can’t move things without their fingers studdering across that screen.  And I don’t know about you, but my fingers are raw some days after using it and my laptop touch pad.  I also keep a marker near the tray.  When the students take out a pen, they put the marker in the empty tray slot and manipulate the board with the pen.

But it also reminded me of what I recently read on the Smarttech website.  The newer boards have a new touch recognition. The board now intelligently senses the difference between a pen and your hand, so you can draw with the pen, move objects with your finger, and erase with the palm of your hand all at the same time — no tool switching required.  Wouldn’t that be awesome!  I have one of the first generation 600i boards, so I think I’m out of luck.  If you have a new board, you can update your drivers to service pack 4 and the touch recognition will be activated. I added a teachertube video demonstration below.

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